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Clarity Medical Group, under the leadership of Sirisat Khalsa, MD, is a beacon of hope in the realm of addiction medicine. Dr. Khalsa's unwavering commitment to the field spans over a decade, and her expertise is not just recognized but celebrated.  

At Clarity Medical Group, addiction is never the sole identity of her patients. She believes that beneath the struggle with addiction lies a deeper human condition. The mission of the practice is to offer unmatched medical care for people with a history of substance use or addiction, by a physician who is double board-certified in family practice and addiction.

Situated in Sherman Oaks, California, Clarity Medical Group is uniquely dedicated to post-rehab addiction care. Dr. Khalsa's team specializes in helping individuals who have triumphed over rehab but still require crucial medications and support, often restricted in standard rehabilitation programs.

The exceptional practice offers a range of services, from anxiety management to hormone replacement therapy, primarily focusing on behavioral addiction and substance use disorder. Dr. Khalsa's expertise extends to medically assisted treatment (MAT), a vital resource for those on the path to recovery.

With multiple detox approaches, Dr. Khalsa offers a highly personalized approach to patient treatment. Whether you would benefit from NAD or routine medication, with or without suboxone, she utilizes every option to provide you with out-of-the-box treatment to help you in your unique journey. Dr. Khalsa’s medication regimen is explicitly designed for your history, use pattern, and response to or preference for different medications.

What truly distinguishes Clarity Medical Group is the team’s dedication to long-term care. They understand that the journey to recovery isn’t always linear and that relapses can happen. Known for their highly individualized treatments, patients can expect to receive effective strategies, resulting in a successful recovery. The emphasis of Clarity Medical Group is on your safety and comfort. Combining the latest in science and Dr. Khalsa’s experience of over 10 years, she tailors a detox regimen to fit your specific medical needs.

Here, patients find a supportive, nonjudgmental environment that empowers them to continue their healing process. Clarity Medical Group isn’t just a medical practice; it's a haven of compassion and comprehensive care for those navigating the challenging terrain of addiction recovery.

In addition to the compassion you’ll find at Clarity Medical Group, you can expect state-of-the-art technology. With genetic testing for medication, you can be sure Dr. Khalsa’s medication recommendation is suitable for your genetic profile and promises the greatest chance of success. Patients can improve their life from the inside out with in-depth nutritional deficiency testing, fighting dual diagnoses with a suitable diet and exercise. Dr. Khalsa also offers in-home, unmonitored drug testing to grant you privacy while keeping you accountable.  

To experience the compassionate and effective care at Clarity Medical Group, book an appointment by phone or online today.

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Our physicians' expertise in medication tapers and transitions (medicine dosages, timing, and strategies for maximum effectiveness) provides you with regimens that are custom-designed and have proven to be both very effective and provide as much comfort as possible.
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"Thanks to an awesome team I left my appointment today feeling like a million bucks!"

Kate E.
"The front office is also efficient and very pleasant, both in person and over the phone."

John S.
"I tried Dr. Khalsa after reading some of the reviews on yelp and was impressed immediately. I appreciated the very thorough intake she does with new clients..."

Paige B.
"I can't believe that I haven't written a review for Dr. Khalsa yet! She is fantastic. For the first time I found a doctor who listens to my needs..."

Sierra S.